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  • Holds a debit card and can send e-transfers 
  • collects payments from membership, supplies, workshops, classes and banks them
  • Writes all the cheques and pays the bills
  • Provides the bookkeeper with all the receipts and related paperwork monthly
  • Reports regularly to the executive and the membership
  • Attends most meetings (Executive and General)
  • Manages the Equipment Replacement & Library Funds (GICs)
  • Participates in the Budget Committee

Job Board

Vice President

Vice President

  • Helps the president as needed
  • Attends executive meetings

Dear KPG Members,

Our Guild cannot function without each member taking on some responsibility. In other Guilds the amount of time donated by each member has been estimated at about 12 hours per year. It is important that everyone pitches in so that we don’t have to rely solely on a few volunteers for the upkeep of the studio and its administration.

New members will be offered jobs that require little experience, but that are very necessary, and help members learn how the Guild functions and what the different opportunities are.

Members will be able to switch jobs at the end of two years at renewal time. General members will usually have jobs that fit their status as non-users of the studio and other members will be accommodated as far as possible. Some tasks are organized as committees or teams. These groups share the duties to allow timing that fits individual schedules.

Unfortunately, if a potter cannot take on any job, they can no longer be a member. We cannot run a clean studio without cleaning it, just as we cannot manage our bank account without a treasurer.

It’s understandable that while we are dealing with Covid-19, some members might not be comfortable coming into the guild, so please let us know if you prefer a job that can be done virtually or can be done later in the year when we anticipate lighter Covid-19 restrictions.


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Happening April 6 & 7, 2024
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May 2 - 5, 2024
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