Kingston Potters' Guild Executive

Executive Positons (2022-2023)

President - Mary Helen Garsch

Past President - Jean Clipsham

Secretary - Irene Chisholm

Treasurer - Susanne Ellis

Membership Coordinator - Mary Ann Maxwell

Studio Supervisor - Wendy Lowe

Inventory Manager - June Lang

Reduction Coordinator - Marc Lemieux

Education Coordinator - Lindsay Hadcock

Communications/web site/publicity/social media Coordinator - Tania Craan


Non-Executive Positons (2020-2021)

Bookkeeper - Laurie Smith

Studio Technician - Dan Wainman

Workshops - Marga Vanderwal

Classes -  Lindsay Hadcock

Education - Wendy Lowe

Librarian - Cheri Dobbs

Electric Kiln Fees - Pam Murphy

Kiln Technicians - Dan Wainman, Anna E. Wright (firing only), Lindsay Hadcock (firing only)

Community Events Coordinator - Mary Ann Maxwell

Tett Subtenant Committee - Jean Clipsham, 2 more TBA

Supplies -filling orders - Sue Lyon, Eithne Balme, Louise Daigle, Debbie McIvor, Martha MacGillivray, Hyla Nemy

Supplies -pick up - Dan Wainman, Debra Krakow, Andre Imbeault

Christmas Sale Convenor 2023 - 

Spring Sale Convenor 2023 - Linda Dougherty

Social Media - Linda W. Fraser

Print Publications - Tania Craan

Website - Elizabeth Munro


The mosaic project is ongoing.

Registration is open for Bill Reddick Workshop, click here for more info


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