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Introduction to Clay: 6 weeks | Mondays or Tuesdays | 6:30–9:30 | $220.35 | Starts May 14, 2018

Handbuilding with a “taste” of throwing

  • 6 weeks of pottery classes for adults
  • Mondays: 7 – 10 pm at our studio in the Tett Centre
  • No previous experience necessary
  • Includes everything you need – clay, tools, glaze and firing
  • No access to the studio outside of class time
  • No make-up classes
  • cost – $195.00 + HST

This introduction to pottery focuses first on handbuilding techniques that are used by expert potters and are relatively easy to master. Handbuilding techniques enable you to have fun and make some good quality pots in a short time. Your projects will vary depending on who is teaching the class.

You will also get a chance to throw and trim a pot on the wheel. Your first pot may be a bit “wonky” but you can just have fun with it: don’t set your expectations too high at first. Throwing well requires practice, whereas handbuilding can lead to success more quickly.

Introductory classes include all tools and materials that you will need during class. Introductory students do not have access to the studio outside of class.

Everyone takes this class first at the Kingston Potters’ Guild, unless they have worked with clay before. It is a prerequisite for our other courses.

You can expect to:

  • Learn about the process of going from wet clay to a fired and glazed pot.
  • Learn handbuilding techniques such as pinching, coiling, soft or hard slab construction.
  • Get an introduction to throwing by throwing a small bowl or cylinder on the potter’s wheel.
  • Glaze the pots you have made. The teacher will fire them and arrange for you to return after the end of your class to pick them up.
  • Bring home a few small to medium sized glazed and fired pieces after the end of the classes.
  • Have fun and become enthusiastic about working in clay.
  • Develop an appreciation of pots that others make.
  • Class cost includes clay, glaze, firing, and the use of KPG class tools.

As an introductory student, you don’t have access to the studio outside of class time. There are no make-up classes.

After the Introductory Class:

  • some students will go on to our Throwing I class.
  • some students have so much fun with handbuilding that they take the Introductory class a second time.
  • students may also become studio members to continue handbuilding.

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Throwing I and II: 8 weeks | Thursdays 7–10 pm | $242.95 | Starts May 10, 2018

Prerequisite: Introduction to Clay or equivalent experience with pottery.

  • 8 Week class includes Levels I and II on Thursdays from 7-10 pm
  • access to our studio outside of class time is included, you become a guild member while you take this class
  • glaze and firings are included
  • cost – $215 + HST : additional costs for clay and tools
  • reduced rate for studio members and glaze and kiln members (contact class coordinator)

These classes are structured around progressing through the cylinder, bowl and plate forms. Repetition of forms is important so that your body will gain the muscle memory needed to make good strong forms that you will find pleasing. it is anything but boring because the basic forms can be altered in many ways to make different functional vessels. Once you have a solid start at throwing basic forms you can progress to more complex forms in our intermediate/advanced courses.

  • In our classes, your teacher will demonstrate and you will practice with coaching; outside of class time you can practise as much as you like in our studio
  • Glaze materials and a limited number of firings are included
  • Our classes are limited to 11 students
  • You will be a student member of the guild with all its benefits while your class is running. This includes having access to the guild studio outside of class time, attendance at Guild meetings and workshops (at member’s rates for workshops), receiving the newsletter and buying your supplies at cost
  • Additional costs:
    • clay purchased from the guild supply room (~$17.00 per 10 kg bag + HST)
    • for your first throwing class you need to buy a basic tool kit from the guild supply room (~$17.00 + HST) or bring your own tools
  • More clay can be purchased from our supply room as needed.
  • Your teacher will fire a limited number of average-sized pieces made during class time only.
  • You can arrange with other Guild members (who are qualified to fire the kilns) to fire pieces you make over and above those made in class time at a small additional cost.

Throwing I – cylinders

  • Cylinders are used to make cups, mugs, pitchers, vases, flower pots, etc.
  • You need to have taken Introduction to Clay or an equivalent class
  • The intention is that you will take this level once, then progress to….. 

Throwing II – bowls and plates

  • You need to have taken Introduction to Clay or an equivalent class
  • It is usually best to take Throwing I first
  • The intention is that you will take this level once, then progress to advanced classes such as Technique Tuesdays

Note that Throwing I and II are usually offered during the same evening session, with the teacher giving separate demonstrations and individual attention depending on your level.

Explorations in Hand-Building: 7 Weeks | Tuesdays 6:30-9:30 | $242.95 | Start date moved to May 15 - Last chance to sign up!

Push your hand building to a new level as you use techniques you learned in your introductory class to explore new forms and surface treatments. This 7-week class includes projects such as a serving dish, teapot or mugs and a cream and sugar set.

  • Tuesdays: 6:30-9:30 pm at our studio in the Tett Centre
  • Teacher: Anna Elmberg Wright
  • Previous experience in basic hand building (Introductory class or equivalent)
  • Includes one bag of clay and some tools, glazing and firing
  • Access to the studio outside of class time!
  • Cost – $215.00 + HST

There will be no make-up classes.

Advanced Techniques - next class starting in September

This is a six to eight week class focussing on various aspects of throwing: handles, lids, larger items, altering, etc., for the potter who has taken a couple of throwing classes and is looking to push her/his skills. It's taught by Patty Petkovich, a potter with over 30 years experience in production and in teaching.

Two steps to register! Please read carefully.

Step 1: Please fill out the registration form and submit it. Be sure to indicate which class you are registering for.

Step 2: Send your cheque for tuition + HST, payable to the Kingston Potters’ Guild, along with your name, address, telephone number, and email address, to the Class Coordinator:

Wendy Lowe
1428 Davis Lock Road
Elgin ON K0G 1E0

Registration in these classes is on a first-come first-served basis, determined by when we receive payment. You will be notified when your cheque has been received.

Whether a class will run depends upon having enough students to pay our costs, so we need your cheques before confirming the class. Your class will be confirmed by email. If the class will not run, your cheque will be returned or destroyed, according to your preference. Once the class has started, we do not offer refunds.

We will also sell you clay and tools on the first night of your class. Your welcome email will explain the details. You will receive an email about 5 days before the class starts to let you know that it is running and to provide a little more specific information.

Any Questions?
If you have further questions, please contact Wendy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 613-359-5168.

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